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Because We Are Stronger Together

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

It is evident that All in Monterey values its community as well as the community valuing each other.

All in Monterey County is a grassroots organization that was established during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tanya Kosta, along with her friends, created a Facebook group as a way for people to support each other through these difficult times. Facebook, a convenient way to reach a large group of people virtually, served as a successful virtual platform to bring the community together. All in Monterey County became a private Facebook group that encouraged community members to support each other throughout the pandemic.

All in Monterey holds an “All in Market” twice a week for community members to have access to free essential items such as household supplies and food. They also have a delivery system that distributes goods. After a request was made, a volunteer from All in Monterey would deliver the requested items at no charge. This delivery method was especially useful to those who did not have reliable transportation, or for those who were safely sheltered at home. The delivery requests could be made both in-person and on Facebook.

Although the pandemic halted a lot of plans and celebrations such as Halloween and Thanksgiving gatherings, All in Monterey held events to try and bring positivity and enthusiasm into their community. In October 2020, All in Monterey partnered with Independent Transportation Network (ITN) of Monterey County to provide families with the opportunity to safely “trick-or-treat” and get free rides around the neighborhood to see any of the Halloween decorations.

In December 2020, All in Monterey held a Holiday Cheer event. Community members could either nominate their own families or someone else’s for a chance to win a variety of items. These items ranged from household supplies to gently used clothing. Tanya explained that the purpose of this event was to bring joy and happiness to the community and provide Christmas cheer to those who need it.

It is evident that All in Monterey values its community as well as the community valuing each other. Tanya shared, “We just decided to become a place not only to help the community that needed us, but to be an organized place where people could come and help.”

If you are interested in learning more about this grassroot organization, join their Facebook group page:

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