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Our Work

In the summer of 2017, Community Builders set out to mobilize and support community engagement to address local needs that affect our communal livelihood, and to cultivate a unique sense of home, identity and local culture, through education, workshops, advocacy, outreach and related programs. We are working across sectors and within the community to achieve a dynamic, connected and compassionate Monterey County where no one is left on the sidelines.

Will you join us in building a more resilient Monterey County?


How You Can Make A Difference

Our Volunteer Portal by GalaxyDigital is your one-stop shop for finding the latest opportunities to volunteer. Whether you are looking to wet your feet or a longer commitment, find and directly connect with one of our over 80 community organization. Our partners work across the County moving mountains and making a difference across various causes, issues and missions. And for those really wanting to shine, sign up for an account with us and showcase your volunteer history, skill sets and interests, and find the right opportunity that fits you. 

So, if you ever thought to yourself "I want to give back to my community, but I don't know where to start?"

Become A Community Partner

We know, volunteer outreach takes time and resources: So, why not let us help with that? 
Your comprehensive hub for promoting your mission, work and volunteer needs, Community Builders expands your volunteer needs to our growing community through our social media, newsletters and Volunteer Portal, searching for meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

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Staff & Board

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Executive Director


Digital Comms Director

Board President


Board Secretary

Board Treasurer

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