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Ways To Donate

In the summer of 2017, Community Builders was founded with the mission of building a culture of volunteer and community engagement that drives a healthy, thriving and inclusive Monterey County.


We get this question a lot: "I want to give back, but I don't know where to start." Finding opportunities to do good shouldn't be difficult, and so Community Builders was founded to help you find and tap into your own ability to make a meaningful difference. Whether its one hour of your day, one dollar from your wallet or one conversation with someone you disagree with, small acts of kindness translate to whole lot more good. And here's one opportunity to start your difference-making journey: help us help you help others.

Your donation will go a long way in support our vital work. If you are ready to do your kind deed for the day, scroll below to learn of the different ways you can give. And if you are able, please consider donating at one of the recommended levels below.  

Recommended Donation Levels




Any Amount 

Community Builders for Monterey County is 501c(3) nonprofit organization. All donations made are tax-deductible. A donation receipt can be requested by emailing

Donate By Mail

Please complete the donation form and mail it and your donation to:

Community Builders for Monterey County

PO Box 1122

Monterey, CA 93942

Donate by Paypal

We accept donations via al major credit cards through PayPal. 

Donate by Zelle

Zelle® makes it easy to donate straight from your bank account. To learn more about Zelle® or to view of the specific instructions for your bank, please click below.