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Celebration Nation Team

Celebration Nation Team

The Celebration Nation is a volunteer group founded in August of 2020. This wonderful team of 18 volunteers have been providing food and other essentials to families in need, advocating for the families in Soledad, King City, Gonzales, and most recently Greenfield. Mrs. Adela Alvarez says about her team. "We want to support every community. I take pride in my team and all the things we have accomplished together.” Celebration Nation is dedicated weekly to bringing positivity into their communities.

Thank you to these wonderful folks:

Fermian Martínez, Lisseth Chávez, Elizabeth Reyez, Martha zarate, Emmanuel Zepeda, Monica Andrade, Clarisa Andrade,

Diana Andrade, Edith ochoa​, Marlén Zepeda, alongside his two kids:

Melina Zepeda, Mary Flores


Celebration Nation Team

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