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2022 National Volunteer Month

On April 2022 Community Builders invited our community partners to share stories that highlight the awesome work of their volunteers, in celebration of National Volunteer Month. 

Through all that we've been through, volunteers from across Monterey County has been there for our community. When we were founded during the summer of 2017, Community Builders took its name to reflect the true nature of the work that volunteers do -- build community. 


So TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS,  this is for YOU and all the work you’ve done to build a better, more resilient community. 

We just want to share that with everyone else ❤️ 

The Celebration Nation Foundation

A Celebration of Community

The Celebration is a Latino-led nonprofit that has taken roots in South County. Tackling local food insecurity, the mighty volunteer movement sends a powerful message: anyone, anywhere, can impact their community in big ways. The Celebration is truly a celebration of love, community and volunteerism.


Thanks to the Celebration for submitting this video! Be sure to check out their volunteer story below! 

Feeling Inspired ?

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