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SPCA Volunteers

SPCA Volunteers

The SPCA would like to spotlight volunteers from the Defense Language Institute with their can-do attitude to jump in wherever they are needed. From helping at the Wildlife Dept, SPCA Clinic, Adoption Center, or on special projects they have the skill-sets, efficiency, and flexibility to respond to any task. Twice a week the group takes on different needed assignments which can include repairing and cleaning enclosures, greeting customers, helping with vaccines, socializing animals, hauling debris to the Marina landfill, and much more! 


It's not always easy to find willing volunteers ready to get dirty and use some muscle.  Although the individuals may change each week, there is always a group leader to train them.  When one group leader leaves it's their responsibility to train the next group leader. This ongoing collaboration with DLI provides a level of support to our organization and the animals we help that would be impossible to fill without them.



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